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The town of Mostar is the financial and cultural centre of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.  It is situated between the mountains Velež, Hum and Čabulja, in the valley of the Neretva River, 60-80 meters above sea-level. 

For centuries, Mostar has been at the cross-road of various civilisations and all of them left a part of their specific quality with the town.  This is the town of sun, greenery and flowers, with exceptionally pleasant Mediterranean climate.  

Mostar is 60 km away from the Adriatic Sea.  There are unique localities with historic-cultural riches and heritage in the town itself and in its surrounding which testify of the life in this area even in the pre-antic period.  

Mostar has the entirely developed spatial infrastructure, road and railway communications and it also has a modern airport. 

The oldest written document about Mostar dates from the first half of the XV century.  The foundation of the town of Mostar is linked to the name and merits of the peer of the realm Herceg Stjepan Kosača.

Source of information - http://www.mostar.ba



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