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What is required for recreational tennis? The basic list would include the following:

1. adequate tennis court,
2. tennis sport shoes and tennis apparel,
3. tennis racquets,
4. tennis balls,
5. tennis partner.


The foregoing list could be amended with a large number of other equipment, such as, tennis bag, cap, sweat shields, vibrostop, towels, etc.  However, these are the items which do not play a decisive role in playing tennis.  Naturally, apart from having to know what we need to play tennis, it is also important to know how much all of it will cost us.  Although tennis is believed to be an expensive sport, as often confirmed in practice, playing tennis may also be a relatively cheap and very affordable entertainment.  We shall try to explain that by going through the foregoing basic list of the requirements for recreational tennis.  

An adequate tennis court

It is possible to rent our court for 10 KM per hour. It is worth noting that the referenced price pertains to the use of the outdoor court in the period from April to October, while using the indoor courts during the wintertime costs 20 KM.  Two individual matches and one double match are optimal for recreational tennis a week.  It is important to note that the price for using the courts is shared with a partner, that is, one hour of individual match will cost you 5 KM, that is, no more than 2.5 KM when in double.


Tennis sport shoes and tennis apparel

It is sufficient to have any kind of relatively good flat-soled athletic shoes, which may be obtained at the price of 50 KM and higher.  Used for recreational purposes and tempo, such shoes may last the whole year without any problem, which equals to approximately 1KM per week.  Shorts, T-shirts, socks, tracksuits and other required sport clothes, are actually items used in our everyday life and they do not necessarily need to be intended for tennis, and I therefore do not consider them to make an extra cost. 


Tennis racquets 

Although it would be ideal to have a pair of two identical racquets, the beginners may start with one, and a good racquet may be bought at the price of 100 KM.  If you treat the racquet with respect and due care and not as if you were the owner of a racquet factory thus throwing it away whenever your blow is bad, the racquet will serve you for at least 5 years, that is, it will cost you 2KM a week.


Tennis balls

There are various types and prices, however, the price for standard-quality balls (Dunlop, Babolat) ranges from 8 to 10 KM, and more for a 3-piece set.  Considering that a set of balls may be used for playing 4 matches, the weekly cost would approximately amount to 2.5 KM.


Tennis partner

If your tennis partner is not someone from the ATP list of the top ten players in the world, such as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, the cost of having a tennis partner equals to 0 KM, unless you have to pay him/her to let you win, which is in contravention with sport fair-play and we therefore do not want to even consider that.


Other costs of playing

Something else could also be added, however, a good organisation and sport spirit may make it insignificant. For example, if you need to drink during a match, you should not necessarily take the vitamin beverages or beer.  Instead, natural water will do, taken from the water supply system and better known as “Radobolja“, in a plain plastic bottle which may be used thousands of time until a diligent collector of secondary waste takes it away from you.  Apart from being free, natural water is healthiest.  In the beginning, you should not necessarily have a real tennis bag.  Anything else for that purpose will do.  Being the beginner, your racquet string will not often break and this cost will therefore be rare.


Total monthly cost

When all of the foregoing costs are summed up, a weekly cost would amount to some 20 KM or about 80 KM per month for 12 respectable matches, which is almost the upper limit for the matches to be played on a recreational basis.  This amount may be much higher, which actually is the case with the majority of experienced recreational tennis players, because they always want a better racquet, better sport shoes, they often change the balls, the racquet strings break more frequently, etc.  However, playing tennis may perfectly function with minimum funds, so that these 80 KM may be reduced and we may still enjoy tennis as much as a player who spends for the same number of matches ten times more money.